Will a Perfect Buoyancy Course REALLY Make Your Diving Easier?

Why Diving is Easier for Those Who Mastered Buoyancy Control

Diving can seem pretty easy from afar. All you have to do is get your diving equipment and take a plunge. What’s so hard about that? As you begin your diving journey, some things get a little frustrating when you see someone glides through the water effortlessly while you keep on fiddling too much and wooing away the school of fish around you. These kinds of divers are definitely one step ahead because they are the master of their own buoyancy and here are some proofs why:

If you don’t take these Specialty Courses, you are not a Thrill-Seeker

Specialty Dive Courses for the Thrill-Seekers

Just witnessing the grandiose marine life underneath the water flaunting their marvelous hues is already exhilarating — but if you want to add more thrill and adrenaline rush to your scuba diving, then these specialty courses are the perfect concoction to drizzle on top of your diving adventures.

My First Adventure Into Scuba Diving

    My First Adventure Into Scuba Diving My first adventure into Scuba diving… Something I wanted to try but was afraid to do so. After much deliberation, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new – I signed up for open water diver course. Open Water Theory Lesson  It … Read more

What Is So Great About Perfect Buoyancy Specialty?

  Hi There,  I am writing this out is to share with all the newly certified open water divers & divers who wish to improve their buoyancy. What is so great about Perfect Buoyancy Specialty? At first, I was quite frustrated after begin certified as a scuba diving diver because I pretty much love underwater photography … Read more

Scuba Diving Is An Adventure

SCUBA DIVING IS AN ADVENTURE   What started as a purely spontaneous decision to take up scuba diving has turned into a passion… It wasn’t too long ago – when we chanced upon Deep Blue Scuba (DBS) During that time, we were rather unsure of what we were getting into. Question aplenty running in our heads … Read more

My Scuba Diving Journey

My Scuba Diving Journey  My entire scuba diving journey started off with a mundane day at work. I was burnt out since last week cos I OT-ed the entire week and it didn’t seemed like it was going to stop. I tried to distract myself from the hectic work schedule and took an hour break to … Read more

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