How did Fri 13 go?

So… anyone preg after last week? Mayb it's too early to tell.. HEhe.. So.. where are the photos U promised mr ricky koh? buy eye glasses online zp8497586rq

I’m Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

Deep Blue Scuba celebrates the festive season with amazing dives in Maldives, reports Kelly Ng If you were planning to get away from the crazy parties for a relaxing tropical Christmas, you are in for a huge disappointment. Those with a love for challenge will find themselves slapped with many folds of craziness, unleashed within … Read more

Global Dive Operators Receive Environmental Honors

Project AWARE Foundation announces Environmental Achievement Award Recipients 2008. Project AWARE Foundation honors dive operators around the world who display commitment and excellence in their efforts to protect underwater environments within business operations and their community. Project AWARE Foundation Chairman, Dr. Drew Richardson recognizes the importance of the scuba diving community taking its part in … Read more

Activism = Terrorism?

As divers we owe it to the earth (in particular the sea) to show some degree of concern over what a large proportion of the world is doing to harm our planet. where to buy cigars online Every whaling season, fleets of Japanese and Canadian ships rake the Arctic and the Pacific  to harvest anything … Read more

Dive PNG – An amateur video

A very amateur attempt by me at dive videography with the Canon G9. Horrible white balance and ‘blair-witch’ moments which I can’t seem to cut out… it also gets abruptly cut at the end for some reason… Enjoy away! (let the music distract you from the bad videography k!)

Last Weekend Tioman Trip

Wow just got back from Tioman. We arrived sing at 530pm…… super early hor. Cos we left the island at 11am. The wind is really strong i think its almost monsoon liao. The vis is also very bad lucky this is our last weekend trip. I Think the wind and current will be even stronger … Read more

Dive Bali on National Day

Wow this Blog is really fun. Check out some of the pics we took in Bali. sms spy android This manta super buay pai say. swim damn near us la. Me and Desmond at cystal bay. first few dive no mola… HENG AH last dive saw 4 mola…….. if not waste our time liao. hahah … Read more

about time =D

mobile phone spy software p>Deep Blue Scuba has finally embraced mass media in its newest form…. Where snail mail, telegrams and the morse code has failed us, blogging makes up for it. Along with a brand-spanking new website in the pipeline and one diver, its going to be a great diving season next year =D. … Read more

This Is Princess Jo!

Heya…So this is real….Anyway..just check in to brag about my new lappie! Will practise my typing by blogging more i guess!! Guess its irrelevant to diving but blogging its the only way to kill the dry season isn’t it?! Luv u guys….Wont stay dry for too long!!