December 16, 2013

Frustrated about Your Buoyancy?

Want to play your part as a diver in protecting the fragile aquatic environment by not damaging the coral reefs while you’re diving? Which means, good buoyancy control is essential!   Or for the macro lovers out there, have you experienced times whereby you wished to snap a photo of […]
December 2, 2013

Your First Step Into The Deep Blue Sea!

Have you been to a tropical country for a vacation and did the usual things like sightseeing, shopping, or even bought a few drinks at night while relaxing and it dawned on you that you should be doing something different the next time you are on vacation? Or, have you […]
July 14, 2010

Its a Sharky Rescue!

It was another day at Tioman... but it turned out to be a rescue and an adventure!
December 24, 2009

You rescued me

Things never slow down at Deep Blue Scuba. Not even closing Christmas and New Year holidays when everyone is going wild hunting down gifts, preparing the family feast, or simply drinking themselves silly. At least when Ricky Koh the ‘Slave Driver’ is running the show, the Deep Blue crew should […]
September 23, 2009

Six reasons why Redang is worth the 10 hour bus ride

#1   It’s the best place to master underwater photography. #2   You can try the dry-diving, the newest sport to hit Asia by storm. #3   You get to see whale sharks, dugong, manta rays, etc. (advice: get a better photographer.  we tried to tell him to take the whale shark but […]
September 22, 2009

Dugong joins divers in celebrating Singapore’s 44th birthday

Eighteen divers gathered on 9 August 2009 at 22:22 hrs on the wooden platform at Cocotino resort and proudly recited the Singapore pledge.  Although physically in Manado Indonesia, their hearts beat to the same national day classic 'We are Singapore' playing at the National Day Parade back home. This was […]
May 31, 2009

Whale shark surprises divers in Pulau Aur

A whale shark paid a surprise visit to 16 divers on board M.V. Samudera Quest yesterday (30 May 09) during a surface interval along the channel between Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang.
February 21, 2009

How did Fri 13 go?

So… anyone preg after last week? Mayb it's too early to tell.. HEhe.. So.. where are the photos U promised mr ricky koh? buy eye glasses online zp8497586rq
February 11, 2009

I’m Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

Deep Blue Scuba celebrates the festive season with amazing dives in Maldives, reports Kelly Ng If you were planning to get away from the crazy parties for a relaxing tropical Christmas, you are in for a huge disappointment. Those with a love for challenge will find themselves slapped with many […]
February 3, 2009

Global Dive Operators Receive Environmental Honors

Project AWARE Foundation announces Environmental Achievement Award Recipients 2008. Project AWARE Foundation honors dive operators around the world who display commitment and excellence in their efforts to protect underwater environments within business operations and their community. Project AWARE Foundation Chairman, Dr. Drew Richardson recognizes the importance of the scuba diving […]
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