6 Superfoods for a Pre-dive Boost

A healthy diet is a key variable for a successful dive! So to keep you powered and strong, here are 6 foods you should gobble before your diving mission: Bananas Prevents muscle cramps during the dive. Bananas are loaded with fundamental vitamins and are high in potassium, which advantages your well-being and muscle work. They are the … Read more

Dive Spots in Asia for True Blue Muck Divers

Muck diving is one of the types of diving that is now gaining great popularity. For the most magnificent spots, you won’t go wrong with Asia! Spot the strangest macro lives as you dive these exciting destinations. Anilao, Philippines Anilao is a relative newcomer on the scene, however you’ll see why Anilao positions high for … Read more

Diving into to the Best Trainer Career Programs

Make your passion as a diver into a career. SSI offers a myriad of opportunities for true blue diving enthusiasts! Earn, develop your skills, and upgrade your dive knowledge with these trainer career programs. Dive Control Specialist Instructor This program is the initial step to turning into a SSI Instructor Trainer. Have the benefit to … Read more

Hauntingly Beautiful Wrecks and Sculptures in Asia

Spice up your diving adventures with these extraordinary wreck sites and underwater sculptures that can be found in Asia. Diving these treasures will surely pump you and your buddies with extra adrenaline! Underwater Grotto (Philippines) This submerged wonder started as a movement to dishearten unlawful fishing—like the usage of cyanides and explosives. Four-meter tall depictions … Read more

Perfect Dive Destinations to Book with the Family

Finding diving adventures perfect for the entire family is one of the difficulties some scuba divers can have. Luckily for those kins who loves to bathe in the sun, visit remote islands, and explore various cultures, there is a wide array of magnificent dive destinations out there for the everyone to enjoy. Tioman, Malaysia Beside … Read more

3 Best Destinations for a Summer Diving Trip

Best Destinations for a Summer Diving Trip

The summer is a season no one should miss—the waft of barbeque along the seaside, sunbathing and pretty tan lines, the sound of the waves as they crash the pebbly shore, and of course, the peaking light underwater escaping through the clear seawater. Ready for the sunny season? Here are top summer destinations for divers: … Read more

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