6 Superfoods for a Pre-dive Boost

A healthy diet is a key variable for a successful dive! So to keep you powered and strong, here are 6 foods you should gobble before your diving mission: Bananas Prevents muscle cramps during the dive. Bananas are loaded with fundamental vitamins and are high in potassium, which advantages your well-being and muscle work. They are the … Read more

6 Ideas for your Tioman Escape

6 Ideas for your Tioman Escape

Our planet offers a lot of stunning landscapes, palm-studded paradises, and gorgeous coastlines. One of those with the panoramic view would be the Tioman Islands. Raising a toast to your inner wanderlust, fall in love with the island as you get to these: 1. Kayak above aquamarine seawaters! Know your way around the island by … Read more

5 Legit Reasons Why You Should Not Dive

5 Legit Reasons Why You Should Not Dive

Scuba diving? Who wants to dive anyways? Oh, there are a number of reasons why you should not get into this sports ever — but here are my top 5! 1. Scuba diving is highly addictive! You’ll love it more than you’ll love coffee. You won’t survive a day without tasting your snorkel on your mouth. … Read more

If you don’t take these Specialty Courses, you are not a Thrill-Seeker

Specialty Dive Courses for the Thrill-Seekers

Just witnessing the grandiose marine life underneath the water flaunting their marvelous hues is already exhilarating — but if you want to add more thrill and adrenaline rush to your scuba diving, then these specialty courses are the perfect concoction to drizzle on top of your diving adventures.

Scuba Diving Is An Adventure

SCUBA DIVING IS AN ADVENTURE   What started as a purely spontaneous decision to take up scuba diving has turned into a passion… It wasn’t too long ago – when we chanced upon Deep Blue Scuba (DBS) During that time, we were rather unsure of what we were getting into. Question aplenty running in our heads … Read more

My Scuba Diving Journey

My Scuba Diving Journey  My entire scuba diving journey started off with a mundane day at work. I was burnt out since last week cos I OT-ed the entire week and it didn’t seemed like it was going to stop. I tried to distract myself from the hectic work schedule and took an hour break to … Read more