What Is So Great About Perfect Buoyancy Specialty?


Hi There,
 I am writing this out is to share with all the newly certified open water divers & divers who wish to improve their buoyancy. What is so great about Perfect Buoyancy Specialty? At first, I was quite frustrated after begin certified as a scuba diving diver because I pretty much love underwater photography but it requires a lot of buoyancy control in order to take a decent photo and not disturbing the marine life by keep fidgeting. I decided to go for the specialty course.

What I Would Comment About The Course

I would like to comment that the Perfect Buoyancy Specialty by my instructor was great and he definitely shared all the important techniques to me.
I find that after taking this course I have gained so much more confidence in scuba diving, and have been recommending to all my new OWD friends that pass the same time as me.
An example that what the instructor teaches first is the breathing matters and follow the technique of breathing underwater which I have not tried before at the bottom of the pool!!!  "You never try you never know how long you are able to hold your breath"
Followed by many more interesting and important practical lesson that I have learned during the lesson, such as controlling your neutral buoyancy underwater and back finning.
This PB Specialty that I have taken 2 months ago and till date been happily using the techniques for more than 20 over comfortable dives with the knowledge I gain and have so far been practicing further and mastered the skills during my leisure dives, as it really benefits me to enjoy my dives further.

My Feedback

It is that this should be the most highly recommend specialty course to all divers and it can even be for divers to refresh and practice again in the pool session till perfect!!!
As I have seen too many divers out there damaging the corals and digging up the sand because they lack of buoyancy control and finning skills. I bet they have never taken this course before, I am sure after taking this course they would be perfect confidence and happier in their future dives.
I would like to say thank you very much to Instructor Marcus Tan for the lesson.
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Rule no 1: Perfect your buoyancy to dive safe and dive cool 😎


Calvin Ho

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