My First Scuba Diving Experience With MV Nautica

My First Scuba Diving Experience With MV Nautica

When I went for my Advance Adventure course that was my first scuba diving experience on MV Nautica liveaboard. It was a whole new experience for

I felt excited as this was my first liveaboard experience! I heard many wonderful things about doing a liveaboard. My Open Water  Diving course to Tioman was tedious to say the least. Travelling for over 8 hours on the bus, lugging my gear through customs was such a chore. Finally, I was able to relax like a king this trip!

Once boarding up the boat, I was immediately curious to find out how my cabin looked like. After the initial briefing, we were led to our rooms. I also managed to take a look at the other rooms, of course with the permission of my boat mates.

Mv Nautica Liveabroad -premium-seaview-cabin
Premium Seaview Cabin


Wow… ! Right at the top of the deck, we have the Premium Seaview Cabin. Unfortunately for me, this was not my room. I can only admire its comfortable queen bed and cozy room from afar.

My room was the Superior Seaview Cabin, sharing with 2 other dive buddies. Although it did not have any queen sized beds, it was still very comfortable and I had plenty of good sleep in it.MV nautica -superior-seaview-cabin

The only different for Deluxe Seaview Cabin is that there is no provision for ensuite. Toilet and bath is shared from the dive deck.





Mv Nautica-dining-area
Dining Area

The Dining area was actually really beautiful! I spent most of my time here as it was a great place to chill and hang out with my other diving buddies. We played games, listened to music, and even watched movies!

Mv Nautica - Delicious MealFood was incredible! Served buffet style, with a great variety of dishes. Tom Yum soup, Beef Rendang, Fried Prawns, and of course the finale, a BBQ dinner! I felt full and satisfied at the end of each meal.


Mv Nautica - Group Photo


Sun Deck



There was other area that I can chilled out and relax. Like the sun deck where I can suntan or enjoy the sea breeze during the day and see the stargazing at night.







Advance Adventure Course

Scuba diving - Advance adventure courseDuring my Advanced Adventurer course, I did 5 different boat dives: Deep Dive, Wreck Dive, Navigation, Night Dive and trained my Perfect Buoyancy as well.

The good thing about advance adventure course is that there is Perfect Buoyancy which usually will be conducted on the first dive. The instructor will emphasize more on the breathing technique, the streamline posture and the finning methods. After the course, I really felt my bouyancy Mv Nautica-Advance Adventure Coursecontrol had improve and my confidence level too.

I liked the night dive the most – when I was underwater, it was pitch black! The only light I had was the torch in my hand. It was a whole new experience and as marine creatures I had never seen before came out at night!

Although it was fun and exciting but there were a few important points that instructor wanted us to take note. During the night dive, we had to level up our awareness like where was your buddy, what was around you and the method to signal etc…


Hope you had fun reading my post, if you wanted to find out more about Advance Adventure course or any scuba diving course, Click Here.

If you have any question or any experiences that you wish to share, feel free to share with me and other at the comment box below.

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